Virtual Training Aftermath

I’m reporting for our Virtual Training.

Here’s the story:

Had my ipod ready with new tunes, as I had myself ready and prepared as I plugged it in on my ears for a route – I was thrilled having myself back in the game. Ever since my Insomnia kicked in, there were just too much of change that had happened in terms of my performance but this time, It felt good and the weather was fantastic.

5km, that’s going to be a good mark. Let’s see if I’ll be able to achieve a new Personal Record or will I stay the same and not get any worse.

Just right before I reached the first mile, the rain fell down on me and had to run back at home. I wasn’t able to run as much but the feeling of the environment was perfect except for the rain which i wasn’t ready for. Usually, I love to run during the rain which I have been hoping for but then without my jacket and my cap, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get soaked.

1.50 miles = 18’23” Not bad! but goal wise? 3 mins late.

Although supposedly I was going to finish the entire 5k. I waited until the rain stops from pouring but by the time I could’ve, the sun was already set, dark was already in.

Today, I vowed to conquer 5k. Which I did with the perfect weather. I breathed through 1.5 km for a jog and then intervally training myself for a jog, short sprints and a walkathon.

I achieved 4 miles (6 km) roughly 49 minutes, 38’15” minutes for a 3 miler. 25’11” for 2 miles and 12’05 for a mile.

I was delayed by 6 minutes to my goal for my 5k time but then, I’m glad I was able to do a route again after a long time.

I learned though that:

  • I’ve got to run back and train, finish an entire 2km again without walking
  • muster a breathing strategy
  • Leg work and arm work but I think I’m learning the right posture
  • read more about walkathons, strategy for the alternative to jogging/running with strength
  • NEVER ever have anything with FAT after your work out since it will slow down the breaking of glucose from the body and have PROTEIN and a little carbs for the metabolism within 30 minutes of a work-out.
  • I still love running in the rain or the weather after/before the rain
  • DO NOT EVER EVER EVER miss out running straight 1 week or 2 weeks or else.. It’ll seem like you have to start on Square 1. Believe me, I am back .. to .. Square .. 2 ( Hehe! Coz Square 1 was when I was suffering from a nano second couldn’t even step another leg for the treadmill during the recovery when I was tapering on steroids)

* will repost again. My eyes are already about to shut itself and its 10pm, hurrah!


4 thoughts on “Virtual Training Aftermath

  1. hitme64 says:

    wasn’t it great to run again?

    i’ve been on injury hiatus for nearly three months but started running again after that…this is my full month of running…

    but no more competitive runs for me…well, except for milo this november…

    keep up the great workouts…you’re steadily improving in every run you make…

    congratulations !

  2. bards says:

    hay korek! i didnt run for 7 days and i took awhile to convince my legs that they can run. going back after a long break is hard and can be frustrating talaga.

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