Hormonal Imbalance



I went to see my OB-GYN and the results showed that I have a very thin uterus which caused the irregularity of my monthly periods to not having any, actually. Although, I should be blissful of not having women’s migraines month after each; Being a runaholic made me very much cautious about my health.

At first, I thought my menstrual cycle was caused due to the amount of weight I gained because of the medication I was induced to a couple months back; Although there’s truth behind such, now that I’m left with 15-20 lbs remaining to take off and nearly achieved to my body fat percentage goal – Having insomnia and exhaustion had me bothered as to why I’ve been suffering such.

Hormonal Imbalance, that’s a huge factor but then having to see a Doctor gives validation. I was given Birth Control pills in order to thicken the linen for my menstrual cycle, I googled through the medication and got scared over the reaction that though it will help me regularize my cycle and have my hormones adjust until its normal – having weight gain and puffyness as major side effect had me bothorsome.

I no longer want to get into the same hole again of gaining weight, feeling off and depressed.

So, I went for a second opinion but this time I went to our family Chinese Doctor. I trust more of his medication. He said that my hemoglobin are normal and yes, I am having hormonal imbalance. He gave me medication which I took back when I was younger which helped regularized my period; I bought them with much trust and will take them for a week and get to see him again on Monday.
What about the birth control pills from the Doctor? It’s with me. What a waste of money ? No regrets. What’s money in comparison to health and self-esteem? I will have to see my OB-GYN again after sometime for another Ultra Sound; Let’s see what and how it’ll turn out after I get to finish all these supplement medication my Chinese Doctor asked me to pop until then I’ll surprise her.

Now, what about my insomnia? I still am suffering from such from time to time such as right this very moment as I type this post. I am not fussing over it too much anymore just so long I get 8 hours of sleep. My fault, I had 10 hours yesterday which caused an elongated awake period.

Atleast I no longer conk out at around 9am or 10am, I usually get to sleep or feel sleepy around 9pm and soon as I have myself ready to bed, I may toss and turn for few more hours but 2am or 5am are far much better than having to waste 10 hours on bed without any snooze.

Hence, I missed spin class because I had to cook dinner and do household chores which I wasn’t able to do since I overslept and went for our Chinese Doctor’s Appointment.

Here’s to another day.


One thought on “Hormonal Imbalance

  1. Trisha says:

    yikes.. parang catch 22 noh… you don’t have the pains of menstruation but you have insomnia. ako naman the other way around – ang dali ko makatulog pero when it’s that time of the month… maaaan it’s horrible!

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