2 week due

It’s major pressure crunch time.

someones turning twenty-four

someone's turning twenty-four

After 2 weeks of not having to run nor get to walk on mileage, I was able to do get through a 3.14 mile brisk walk the other day and got to do few weight training at the gym after I had my first comeback to Spinning Class.

Time to level up the burn even at home. Aside from my Nike Resistant Band, Physique Ball and a 5 lbs dumbbell I now have a new 3 lbs to start on lighter weight repetitions. May I twist myself and get rid more of this muffin top as I strengthen my arm for more paddling power (For surfing) and as I do few session my jumping rope for more leg work-out as I keep this heart pumping.

Yes, I am back on track and will leave the time of my mileage for now as I start the ignition of my heart rate and legs work hand in hand together with my lungs.


2 thoughts on “2 week due

  1. Veronica says:

    24?! You’re so young! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Great job on the exercising. I need to start doing better. 😦

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