SFO: One day, Someday.

Sure, I still haven’t had my run for 2 weeks due to tapering my body from running but after the overnighter trip together with my friends it seemed like I was able to cure my condition but  I decided to see my OB-GYN. I was right, I’m having hormonal imbalance which I need to medicate, have my cycle regularized no matter how grateful I am I haven’t been experiencing women’s monthly hassles.

It’s been affecting my performance as well as my entire disposition, its so much better to have it treated rather than suffer in the long run.

In the meantime, my motivation states in where I shall have my thoughts hanging that one day, someday I will be able to run on straight at the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco.

I may have not yet finished the entire Central Park but the fact that I was able to run through places, come state after each – I’ll hold on to a dream that should be attained. Sometime, Someday.

Sfrunner, I long for more of your post. Haha! Run on friends. I will get back into running regardless what my performance is since I’ll be starting all over again.


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