Gone, Insomnia! Be Gone!

I missed another good fun run but that didn’t lead me on missing out witnessing my 2 fellow runaholic friends on their 16k during the One La Salle fun run however after that event, that night had me force myself, convince myself that I will find sleep and nothing can stop me all because I really wanted to get back to running but I’ve got to follow orders accordingly.

I couldn’t deny that I felt a bit depressed about me not having to run together for my Alma Matter. When I was younger, it was one of those All out La Salle fun runs that got me into running, back in 3rd Grade.

THERE WERE A LOT OF RUNNERS! I’m IMPRESSED!! How I wish I was able to catch marga and get to meet the other runners whom I get to exchange blog thoughts with. Happy feet!

I need to at least have 2 straight weeks of consistent proper sleep time and wake up just right at 5am, get used until then, I’ll be able to get back to running. I’ve got to take my multivitamins, iron and b-complex together with my vitamin c.

So, as I listen to my body and what was asked for me to do. I shall focus on my calories, portion control and hopefully have more resistance training together with few squats as I have been detesting doing them. This girl, needs strength and Leg power to stride more.

I can feel that by the time I’ll be back to running, I will be back to scratch and struggle through but I’d have to confess, I took an almost 3km brisk walking out in the rain last night. I felt tightening on my right leg, my muscles are bursting out and people has been saying my legs are chunky bulky! “Those aren’t womens legs, You’re having huge massive ones! Stop running too much!”

Nope. I am not going to quit nor will I ever stop running too much

I’d like to believe it’s just a misconception that women get gigantic legs however as I see them, Yes, my legs are forming out to have muscles now. I’d like to believe that soon as I get rid of this excess 25 lbs that I’m carrying, the last poundage that I’d have to work out on; these legs are going to tone up, firm up and be back sexy the way that I foresee myself having those fabolous runners legs ala Cameron Diaz or just like these Olympic distant runners who made my jaw drop.

It’s my 2nd day, I have been falling asleep at around 9pm and been waking up early 5am.

For now, being grateful of receiving Tracey Mallet’s Sexy in 6 minutes from the weightloss challenge I have won over, I’ll have my breakfast, read through it and have few sessions with my 5 lbs dumbells.

I can already picture myself running until the sun rises hence I’ll fall in love with my sunrise again. Let this sleep keep on coming, I’ll have early morning runs.. until then!


3 thoughts on “Gone, Insomnia! Be Gone!

  1. crazygina says:

    good job. day two! you can do it! keep it up. I have real strong bulky type legs too… they aren’t too “cute” but man if anyone messes with me I can kick them pretty far lol

  2. Trisha says:

    ugh! i have those thunder thighs too. i guess it’s body pump that shaped it up, but body attack that toned it. hahaha! but well, i’m happy with them. plus i dropped 1/2 shoe size!!! kaloka!! 🙂

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