Triathlete who? I’m on a break (damn, insomnia)!

I wil become a triathlete someday!
I will become a triathlete someday!

Maybe, One day, Someday I can also be a triathlete but for now I have to step down and have 2 weeks off from interval training, running and walking miles. I have been suffering from intense insomnia so I have to supplement myself with iron, B-Complex and right amount of Vitamin C. I know it’s such a surprise that I have to take a break from what I have fallen in love doing but it may have already been strained or I may have been stressing too much hence I will have back out and be part of the runner’s discrepancy on the upcoming ONE LA SALLE race this Sunday however I’d still be there and cheer for my friends with pom-poms.

I know I have been struggling on my runs until I get to reach my goal time however, until then, I’ve been thinking. Will I ever get to do such routine?

  • Running 45 minutes/4 days a week
  • Spinning or biking 60 minutes/2 to 3 days a week
  • Swimming 60 minutes/2 days a week

I pretty much have to revive my old Mountain Bike which has been hanging on to its place for years which I think will cost me a lot but if it’ll mean I’d have to get a new one, I’ve yet to review intensely on the pre-requisites just so I know I have the right Bike.

I really do wish I’d be able to cure this insomnia already. Let me get this over and done with! There’s tons of training and practice for me to work on in order for me to reach my first goal time.


One thought on “Triathlete who? I’m on a break (damn, insomnia)!

  1. Trisha says:

    Wow in that list, I’m probably only doing the first bit (running 45mins/4 days a week). Haha I know I should increase my physical activity levels too…. grrr!!

    Good for you for taking the initiative for a physical and mental break! Sometimes that’s just what we need – restarting our bodies and surprisingly, more positive results come out than if we just continue to trudge throughout the work routine.

    I say just do yoga (I really enjoyed Flow Yoga in FF Makati on Saturday mornings.. it was slow, relaxing, perfect for stretching!). And yes, nakakaantok sya at the end of the class because you just feel soooo relax and calm. 🙂

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