supposed Doubling

Prepared my work-out water bottle, filled it with ice cold water mixed together with my favorite Gatorade power pack (but i love Pocari better, i can finish tons of boxes of those in a week!), had it even stored in the freezer just so by the time I’d be done with my run I’ll be able to gulp with a absolute thirst quencher however unfortunately after I had myself prepared all dressed for another route; It was already dark and impossible for me to run a route for. It’s pretty scary if you run along main roads and tons of cars especially knowing even if my village is friendly for such runs; its not as calm and peaceful unlike a couple of years ago.

Here I am stuck within the four corners of my quaters, feeling I’d need to doze of any minute from now (it’s just 7pm, mind you). I’ll gulp on my gatorade, drink up my vitamins and probably listen to my body – sleep.

But, I’d have to wait for my family finish dinner (and they aren’t here yet) wash the dishes before I get to settle to the most sought for lalaland.

What a headache! Should I have known, I could’ve just went to Olympic Village and gave my registration for the One Lasalle. Okay, last day’s tom, I will. Promise.


Did you know that running can damage your immune system as much as it’s supposed to help your body up its endurance better? which reminds me to take my vitamins seriously since I have been neglecting after I have finished an entire bottle of my multi-vitamin (Hehe..Got to Practice what I preach!)


One thought on “supposed Doubling

  1. pat3za says:

    be careful, especially running at night!!! be VERY careful!!! even here in sydney.. they just caught this jogger rapist. he preys on women who jog close to sunset in the parks here in sydney. but he’s behind bars now but still…. scary! i used to jog in a local park here before but not anymore.

    so be very careful!!

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