Curing the Insomnia over 5am Run

My very first early morning run meeting the sun as it rose was something I have been looking forward to for the past few months made it happen all because I have been suffering from intense insomnia, I figured I have to switch my routine and have myself get up and move in the morning and bid sayonara to my favorite 5pm (sunset) runs. I can’t neglect my runs far too long if I’d wait until my insomnia finally decides to settle down on a normal manila timezone plus I, together with the Freaks (the boys, Marjoe and Pj) are attending One Run. One Family. One La Salle this Sunday after I attend a debut night before (goodluck to me, I’ll be 23 year old cinderella) so, the motivation kicked in.

No choice, I’ve got to do something!

Woke up as early as 4am (actually more on I literally woke up way before the alarm rang), prepared my breakfast (Oatmeal with Bran, Milk and Banana), took a quick shower and after an hour, I sneaked out and took a route. Phew,  I felt as if I was training more for an all terrain since the huge road was empty, there were drainages which caused road flood which I had to stay myself away from since my shoes wasn’t ready to get soaked (my censor!), there were uphill and downhill parts on the road and oddly rocks that weren’t even supposed to be in the middle nor be within the aisle of the main road.

Finishing off a mile for 10’17” (which isn’t bad at all!) from my previous PR of 11’53”, its not that impressive still since I struggled my route with more brisk walking than the actual runs hence a pace of 10’17” in comparison to my 7’something”.

Swear, this insomnia had something to do with my performance! If it wasn’t because of this early morning run, I wouldn’t even get to forecast my upcoming run for Sunday. I’ll have my first “doubling” today, have a relaxed steady pace later tonight just so I’d be able to exhaust myself and hopefully conk out on a normal bed time, 10pm.

I believe its the high-intensity training that I’ve been doing these past few days which caused the insomnia hence my metabolism is still kicking in, my energy grew longer.

Finishing off a 2.13 mile route for 23’04”  finishing off an exact 3k for 20 minutes; False Alarm! I thought it’s my new PR. Turns out, I just had my PR 19’30” the other day.

Holy Cow,  this girl needs to kick it and get back on the groove before her stride leads her out on the upcoming 5k!

Whatever the outcome is, I’m looking forward to this sunday’s event. Running back to my roots plus there really is nothing like having your friends there for you, cheering you on and having a scrumptious breakfast after. Good laughs, good times.

I’m up to finish the run anyway ( no matter how foresty gumpy Pj is and Barney-wannabe Marjoe is!)


One thought on “Curing the Insomnia over 5am Run

  1. sfrunner says:

    Chefsy, good luck on Sunday. You’ll do well. Just believe in yourself and the rest will take care of itself. It’s awesome to go back to your roots. Sounds like La Salle is a great event.

    That’s what running is all about. Besides the running, good laughs and good times.

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