Quick Post: INSOMNIA!

I love to sleep (who doesn’t?) and my friends can attest to that ( have me lay down on a beach inclined bed, I’m out from this world in a nanosecond) but these past few days I have been extremely deprived from a blissful 8 hours of rest from the actual timezone I currently breath at.

sleepdeprivedUsually I’m ready to pass out , conk in by 10pm but rather I still stay up until midnight but I do have my very warm cup of coco to make doze me off, it worked ONCE but the next day, I was up until 5am and then 8am not until today the worst of 10am. Do I really need to sleep now that everyone in the world is actually moving their ass and had already fueled themsleves with breakfast not to forget almost preparing up for Lunch? This is ridiculous. Good thing I am now unemployed or else I could’ve gone delilah over this situation although my body clock has been cursed because of the erratic schedule I was on every 2-3 weeks back when I was working at the hotel ( damn graveyard shifts ).

I will pop on melatonin, see where it’ll take me later tonight but in the meanwhile let me drop myself on my bed, plug on my ipod for itunes (which effectively helped me to sleep after 2 hours the other night) and pray deeply that my parents won’t wake me up all because I have to do household chores.

Holy Cow, I am even due for a 2 mile training later tonight according to my Nike+ Coach and I have a race to prepare myself for in the next 3 days! I’m quite guessing that this inomnia may have been because of the energy I get after intense training since I am trying to push myself hard for the past 4 trainings I run myself on for a route? I really don’t know.

HELP ME GOD. This is bad for my metabolism, endurance, performance as well as my immune system (which I am dearly taking good care of). HELP!


6 thoughts on “Quick Post: INSOMNIA!

  1. edoraadam says:

    Hi there!I’ve been experiencing IMSONIA just like you!One of my hobbies is sleeping..cos to me it keeps me healthy not to have panda eye-so called!

    Anyway, last few weeks, it was really very bad.I work shift hours and normally no matter whatever timing, i am able to sleep.After my afternoon shift about midnight, i couldn’t sleep.So i surfed the internet….till 7 am!It was worse!I only get to sleep like 8 am..and woke up at 10 am ..and then i could not sleep any longer…oh no!Maybe my body hormone is changing!!

    Now is better…well…no reasons..i just could not figure out…I hope you are doing ok now…

  2. flydi007 says:

    How late are you doing your runs? Give yourself at least 4 hours between finishing your workout and going to bed, so your metabolism can slow back down. Also, I often try listening to guided meditations when I’m struggling getting to sleep. Sometimes just calming my mind helps a ton-try http://www.meditationoasis.com for some ideas.

    By the way, thanks for the link you gave me-a great resource!

  3. pinkcowgirl says:

    Ugh. Everyone seems to be in the not sleeping boat. I’m getting meds friday!!!! Hopefully….*crosses fingers*

  4. Veronica says:

    That’s too bad. I haven’t experienced insomnia ever and I really hope I never do. I love sleep. I function better when I’ve had that right amount of sleep. Can’t sleep too little or too much because then I’m a b(*&$! 🙂 lol

    I hope you’re sleeping better now. Or if you aren’t, hope the insomnia doesn’t last very long. Hopefully it is just the training, or maybe you’re thinking too much before bed. 🙂

  5. 1miletogo says:

    I hope that you are doing better, I am like you, it comes around to sleep time and I’m out. Sometimes I do need a little aid, and a late night glass of milk puts me down in minutes. Another good thing is REM caps from Hammer Nutrition. A last resort would be Tylenol PM – 2 of those and I can’t get up the next morning.

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