vo2 max score for fellow runners

Time to prove who runs the hardest. Here’s how the VO2 Max Challenge works:

1. Run as far as you can in 12 minutes
2. Enter your time in the equation below for your VO2 Max score
3. In the table beneath, see which fitness category you’re in
4. Run for yourself/ your group
5. Check every week, see if you’ve improved in 6 wees.

Ready? Enter the distance you ran in 12 minutes into this equation:

(Distance run in 12 minutes in metres – 504.9) / 44.73 = Your VO2 max

Once you’ve got your score, go to the tables below.

vo2 score

vo2 score

that\'s why it was called as FUN run

that's why it was called as FUN run

Also, Sometimes a week off away from physical routine may surprise you. So, take good care of your health and smile your thoughts away. Let me know how that Test turn up on you — I’ve yet to do mines. pfft.

Greatest Advice: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and ACT ON IT.

Btw, Saw the PINK SOCKS? Can you handle that? Hahah! 🙂


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