My 100th Mile and Reset

I finally reached my first 100th mile!
woah, that was such a surprise!

New PR 3 km

Along side with that, I was able to achieve a New Personal Record
1 mile (1.6km) in 11 minutes
3 km in 21 minutes
2 miles (3.22 km) in 23 minutes

And awesomely, I progressed Miles Stronger!
Not bad for a delightful surprise of achieving my first 100th mile!

I honestly struggled my run today since I focused on my stride and tried not to bounce, i was learning on how am I going to gain a better pace, work through my breathing and have an interval training without side stitch or shin splits especially these past few days I’ve been suffering from tremendous insomnia.

Following experienced runners advice (Coach Dean, Sfrunner,lonerunner,1miletogo) I did reset my run and focus to short distances such as 400 meters and 3k; take good care of my stride, form and breathing and slowly progress to a 5k. I know I used to finish 6 miles and I even reached almost 10 miles but that was with intense walking, interval jog and seconds sprints but as I reset my goals; I’m pretty much taking one step at a time until I get to finish a full run without brisk walking or jogging.

One day, someday, I’ll be able to join those marathons and have splendid time on my pace with much spunk, endurance and be a woman of might. Sure, It may take sometime but every run counts.

I just learned too that my tempo runs, my average pace of 7’35” aint bad at all and it’s actually within training pace range. Hurrah! Booya!


One thought on “My 100th Mile and Reset

  1. Trisha says:

    2 miles per run! That’s excellent Kas!!!! Oooohhh I’m getting motivated again (yes, it’s day 4 away from the gym… I’ve been supremely bad!)….. dali post some more I need to be pushed!!

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