Focus on a 3k

I have until July 11 to make up my mind if I’ll be joining the next fun run however as much as I feel nervous about having to get back on a group of runaholics or fun racers; there really is nothing for me to get worried about since the reason why I’d want to hit the pack was because I’d want to motivate myself and dive more routes.

Just like yesterday, I took off with a run and as much as possible I dared myself not to jog. I gave myself a challenge to just go on for a kilometer and then have a minute jog, brisk walk if I must and alternate it with a run minute after each.

Sadly, I finished my mile in 15 minutes but at least I didn’t force myself to the extent I felt as if my heart was racing to pop out from my chest. I swear, i wouldn’t want to do that again. Phew. Charge it to experience, it certainly was scary.
3k 22mins
I finished my 3k (1.88 mile) in 15′ 27″ /mi , 22′ 42 minutes for the entire duration.

stretched and did 40 crunches. It’s been sometime since I used my body weight for squats, crunches and lunges. I’m getting back at it as I work on my pace, speed and time.

On my next training I will work myself and add 5-10% to my kilometer run until I achieve a full 3k and stride for an entire 5k. Try to achieve it for 20 minutes and see how fast I can go when my deadline arrives.

I’ll be ultra happy if I hit 10 minutes


2 thoughts on “Focus on a 3k

  1. pat3za says:

    maan i’d do 4k for 30 mins! i’m such a slob. so really, 3k for 20 is gooooood as anything!

    and i agree: no reason to be nervous! basta mind over matter lang…. when you’re running na, all your focus is on the run and nothing else and then you start getting into the rhythm, there is pain but you don’t feel it, your surroundings all become blurred, and you’re mind’s set on putting one foot infront of the other, and that’s the best part of all!!

    pilates ab plankssss!! killer pero maan, you can feel your ab muscles really working their butts off!

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