One Run. One La Salle

There’s going to be a race organized by my Alma Matter. route which has 3k, 5k and 10k routes. From the previous year’ result the first who finished the 3k route achieved in less than 9 minutes. The moment I saw that there was a 3k route, I turned quite blushy since I just finished a mile run for 8 minutes surprisingly but it was a struggle wherein I have felt the intensity of my heart racing as if it was going to detach from my chest and I felt really nauseas. I still have until July 11 to check if I can do it again without feeling running out of breath and panting as well as having myself scared on what I was going through.

Nonetheless, I’ll both check if I can make it either way on a 3k or 5k until then, when I get good scores on my Nike+ I’ll go for it.

Seriously these run challenges are making me feel a bit chickened out since my guy friends has been achieving good runs without breaking a sweat in the mean time here’s this girl who’s struggling, recovering from medication and trying to prove much more that she can gain her endurance back in less than 2 years.

HELP. How do you train yourself on these kind of race?


5 thoughts on “One Run. One La Salle

  1. pat3za says:

    i dunno about proper training and all, pero all i can say is, go to the 5k! kayang kaya yan!

    and dont worry about the guys – they’re physical strength is really something (well, Joseph’s anyway). whenever joseph and i train together, my speed will be 2.0 less than his! his minimum is 10 while my maximum is 8.0 hahaha tapos naka incline pa sya ng 5.0 or more eh ako when my speed is 8.0 maximum incline ko 3.5 lang. and he has lost more weight than me dammit!

    ok enough ranting.. basta go go go!!!

  2. 1miletogo says:

    In training work up to your speed, set small speed goals – like I will run 400m in 2 mins – then after you achieve that – say I will run 400m in 1:55, (small goals will seem more achievable than setting larger jumps in speed goals. Don’t go out too fast to burn out too quickly, make sure you feel comfortable, finish strong, train just under your Lactate Threshold.

    One thing that will help is to determine your Lactate Threshold (this is where your blood lactate begins to accumulate) There are some great articles on this at –

    I met with my trainer and determined that my Lactate Threshold was a HR just below 170. He instructed me to try and keep my HR just below this to get the best benefits from my training. I use to be around 180 on alot of my runs. Since then, I’ve noticed that my HR is much lower on my runs.

    My HR monitor was broke the last 4 months, and with my new one, I am very surprised at how much my working HR has dropped with the last few months of training.

    The method we used was to run on a treadmill and slowly increase speed and watch the HR, when there was a sudden increase in HR (more than 1 or 2) we determined what my LT was.

    Good luck on your upcoming run.

  3. sfrunner says:

    chefsy, agree with 1miletogo 100%. This method is the best that I know and it works!

    Also, don’t worry about the guys (per pat3za). The run that you’re doing is your own run. All of us who have ever run in races (events) have and will always feel that anxiety. It’s part of the preparation.

    Thank you for visiting my site earlier. The nice thing about runners and those blogging is that all of us learn and share from each other’s experiences.

    Good luck at La Salle. It’s important to do it at your Alma Matter.

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