improved mile and stride

heart raced strideRe-assessing my runs on Nike, I’m PROUD to say I have accomplished finishing a mile in 8 minutes in comparison to 9-12 minutes not only that, my strides are faster than how I used to train myself although I didn’t last to finish my second mile on such 5/mph pace. I have felt my heart throbbing as if it’ll throw itself out from my chest. I couldn’t lie though, I have to get back on my lifestyle if I want to improve on my 5k distance done in 25 minutes.

My heart raced.

I felt nauseous, palpitation and I turned really red wanting to faint. Sure, I pushed myself just so I’d know if I can already handle long strides for a mile or two. I finished a 1.41 mile in 15’49 minutes since I walked to cool down and I had to fast walk in order for me not to shock on my heart rate. Seriously, I got a bit scared.

I desperately need to fix my body clock, pay attention to my meals more again ( I’ve been slacking ), hydrate myself with my usual 96 oz water (yes, I haven’t been) and of course not miss out on my training days or allowing an entire week not having a route.

Attend the gym for more leg weights and have myself guided in terms of body sculpting since the gym is the only best place I know of who has Pilates near where I live. I have to bug my brother to take me with him and encourage him to attend more often or else, if not, I’d have to drag myself with no exceptions even if I hate commuting.


4 thoughts on “improved mile and stride

  1. pat3za says:

    sana kung hindi lang malayo tirahan ko we’ll definitely be gym buddies – push each other to go to the gym and reach those goals we’ve set ourselves! pero we’ll get there (get a job in Sydney na ang layo ng maldives eh hahahahaha ang mahal pa to get there).

  2. Veronica says:

    Way to go on the 8 minutes! That’s great. I can’t wait to be able to say that myself. I just wish I can get back to running soon. 🙂 Did you ever join the challenge I mentioned to you? It’s a challenge that has mini-challenges each week.

  3. 1miletogo says:

    Great job on the faster pace –

    alot of times there is a mental barrier on how fast you can go. Your mind will tell you, I can’t do that – then low and behold you do it.

    The next time around, your mind knows that you can do it, your exertion level will not be as high.

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