Insomnia & Surf rant

surf runThis is terribly bad. I have been reading about SURFING for beginners and all these introductory paragraphs but I couldn’t even seem to write on my drafts. Yes, I am persuasively trying to write an article about my first surfing trip and how much I have gone obsessed on all these information on the internet on how I’m ever going to improve on my step ups’ or my pop-ups, being grateful that I’m actually running and building my endurance as I get into the world of fitness and health however as much as I am very much interested on my new found sport aside from running; Surfing is quite a bit terrifying ( at least in terms of writing about it)

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning as I type this, I’ve got after lunch and dinner dates to attend to later today, I wasn’t able to join the surfing trip since I figured I have to dedicate all the time for my article however as much as I have been filling up my brain on factual thoughts and tips on what I’ll personally do to my flexibility, core strength and over all fitness; sleep is very much interconnected to every step of the way.

I swear, I really do think I’ll wake up just right before the dinner gathering

In terms of running, I’m having thoughts or at least having this obsession on how I’m ever going to improve on my time finishing a route regardless if it’ll be a mile or a kilometer. Sure, Sleep is a huge factor on performance but aside from that, besides not skipping meals and taking one day at a time consciously, Weight loss is also one of my concerns.

Surfing, Running and Weight loss are juggling left and right; FOCUS is very much needed however all these are side by side connected.

I reviewed my ONE MILE runs and it turned out that my performances are either on 11 minutes + or 13 minutes s+ wherein the supposed One mile time should no longer beyond 5 minutes. Phew, I sure bet have a long way to go in terms of training my stride and having to catch on my breath.

There’s no such thing as giving up for me. I CAN DO IT!

Finally, I can already feel I’m about to conk out. May this be a healthy 8 hour sleep and may I be able to attend to all my engagements on time.

30 lbs lossHave I mentioned? After the Surf trip of ultra paddling, the 35 feet Waterfall jump and the runs I had, despite of the fact that I have been gulping on soda; I have lost another 3 lbs in 11 days which means I am now carrying a 130 lbs body leaving a 30 lbs off weight loss. 25 lbs more to go and major sculpting since I notice my body is starting to look awfully straight.

I need le curves!


3 thoughts on “Insomnia & Surf rant

  1. pat3za says:

    dude, buti nga you’re still losing weight. Ako I stopped at 73kgs! I should up my fitness levels pero I dunno what else to do!!! I’ve been stuck on this weight for, uh, 6 months now! Grrrr kainis.

  2. bamarunner says:

    just keep running. the weight will come off and your times will improve; you just gotta stick with it. trust me.

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