3km and on Aquatics

The good thing about having a Nike+ Mini on facebook, I get this cute reminder that I’m already due for a run. Plugged on my ipod, synchronized few new songs and checked out runners+ as well as nike+ site only to shock me with a huge deficit of 30 miles. The sun is about to set and for the past 3 days my sleeping patters has been bizarrely petrified with insomnia; I saw the gloom and the beautiful weather, I figured, instead of bumming around online why can’t I just go ahead and take a great walk, think through life and how wonderful it has been. I gained back my focus and had jillian’s settings configured accordingly.

Good news is I was able to finish my run for 25 minutes ( hurrah! ) bad news is, It wasn’t a 5k route but rather a meaningful 3k ( I should work on finishing such in 10-15 minutes )

I sure did sweat a lot more than my previous 5k training.


.14 jog warm up.
1.0 km jog
0.5 km brisk walk
0.5 km jog, walk, high knee interval
1.0 km jog

I don’t understand what’s wrong with nike+ widget and it synchronized an awful flat line however thanks to runner+ it showed a more detailed stride. I seriously love the feeling of sweating after a route, there’s this sense of fulfillment and pride after having all these excuses run through my debatable thoughts.

Next, Aside from my becoming this Runaholic in progress, I remember having a conversation with Joko and few friends during our Surfing weekend about this Waterproof music player. I’m literally eyeing on one; Why so? Being a ipod dependent, I really do think I’d be able to train myself well when I’m entertained with beats per minute and not just having to think of some random song in tune as I paddle and kick my legs when trying to gain endurance each time I try to finish numerous laps.

Err.. I don’t think it’s advisable when you’re surfing though.

Wouldn’t it be more fun having to listen to Queen’s I want to break free or Don’t you forget about me by New Found Glory / Simple Minds ( or its other versions) far much better on its actual tune rather than having the chorus stuck on your head all the time? (which makes me laugh most of the time)

Here are the specs:


  • 1GB (up to 250 MP3 and 500 WMA files)
  • Playtime up to 9 hours.
  • Available in 3 colors. ( Black, Pink and Lime )
  • Weight 35g.
  • Waterproof compact design (can be used safely down to 3 meters).
  • Waterproof earplugs.
  • Floats for easy retrieval.
  • Ergonomic buttons allow ease of use while swimming.
  • Comes with Playlist Editing Software enables quick and easy adding and sorting of music files.
  • Easily recharges through PC or laptop through USB port.
  • Short ear phone cord for easy wear.

Unit Price: $145 (damn it!)


3 thoughts on “3km and on Aquatics

  1. pinkcowgirl says:

    That was ONE mile in 8 min. Not 2. I am still slow. And I’m thinking about getting a Nike+ but I just haven’t done it yet. I like hearing about all it’s cool features though.

  2. Trisha says:

    yaaaay new layout!
    hey what earphones do you use when you run? the generic ipod earphones keeps falling off my ears because i sweat alot – and i mean ALOT – so eventhough i’d love to listen to my ipod i can’t because i’m too lazy to buy those nifty earphones but i need them so i can listen to my ipod! aaayy not making sense again. sorry medyo nababaliw ako this morning haha too much stuff going on on a saturday morning…! 😀

  3. Clinton Blundo says:

    This web site is really quite sophisticated, but for some reason it does not display properly when trying to view on my Nintendo Wii. If it helps, the console uses the Opera web browser and am impelled to using the console for accessing the Net whilst my PC is away being restored.

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