Then the rain poured on my improved 5k

The Progress of my 5k.

54’24 15’41/mile
51’06 14’37mile
45’14 13’14/mile

It was funny how the rain poured out on me as I was about to stride on my training.I still pushed through my run even if the rain soaked me like a poor chick on the road.

Although I have been aiming to finish my 5k less than 25 minutes or rather at least done by 25 minutes, I’m still catching up on my breath and trying to level up my endurance as well as my breathing.

Having to review my training, today, I aimed for a better time, pace and focused on how I’m ever going to finish 2km without stopping; I read from some runaholic’s diary that the trick is mostly about how you breath through in every stride when you jog and how you foresee yourself finishing off your mileage.

It’s true, inhale-stride-exhale-stride; chin up and focus yourself straight to where you’re going.

I have always adored training when its raining, there’s this gloom I love about when the sun sets ready for the night, the ambiance of the nature just wallows down into more reflection. Today, I offered my run for the betterment of everyone as I give thanks to God for all the humor he has given me and the good times I’ve been having these past few days; not only that, a good run for my friends who just celebrated their birthdays ( Carla and Katre ).


1 km jog
.60 brisk walk
.40 jog
1.5 km jog
.5 sprint

I’m actually improving plus I was able to accomplish .50 in excess to my 5km goal today not only that I was able to finish a new personal best; I heard Armstrong Congratulated me towards the latter after my run summary was narrated.

I’ve yet still to accomplish 20 miles deficit on my training since I have been out and away from running, the rest that I needed, all the out of town trips and celebrations and have myself conscious on my diet as i have been gulping on ice cold red horse beer these past few days.

Let’s see if Id be able to lose 5 lbs in 14 days to finally hit a total of 30 lbs loss from the weight I have gained after I tapered on the steroids. Swear, having to feel and get to witness straight from my nike+ the improvement of my strides ( albeit these are pretty slow for runners ) I’m really glad I was able to pick up my lost pieces back when I unconsciously without caloric effort ballooned to 160 lbs due to the medications.

I’m thinking of taking Tae-kwando or Boxing in order for me to move more on my upper body or perhaps get to find a nearby Pilates place for my core ( You need strength and better core when you’re surfing ) then warm my muscles through Bikram Yoga again.

There really is something about moving and pumping your adrenaline. How’s your training?


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