Training in Boracay

I haven’t logged my runs for quite sometime and though I was on vacation, I still didn’t neglect on my health pre-requisite which is to achieve my mileage, continuously work on my endurance until I finally get to finish an entire mile without resting through brisk walking.
While I was in Boracay, I swore myself I will have to feel the breeze of the beach and maximize the resistance the sand of the beach ala Jillian Michaels Masochism boot camp. No, I didn’t train bare foot naked but rather I still dressed up on full gear with my Nike+.
Perfect sunset, It felt like I was in a movie scene and as I stride during my training I couldn’t help but throw my thoughts out. Find clarity, understanding, forgiveness and had myself grateful for whatever there is that I am currently at, where I am in, why I’m here, why I was there.
I only had my first almost 3 mile training logged which covered the distance of Station 1 to Station 3; had a short pause as I was walking around D’Mall and soon as I got back the hotel; My friends and I went for a short walk again during the night for some free time photography session enjoying the boracay night scenary which means I have gone to and back a total of almost 6 miles. We even went swimming and I finished 5 short laps at Discovery Shores pool.
Add the Poi session , the 30 minutes I was carrying and looking really ridiculous having to substitute those heavy water bottles as weights, Guess who got over fatigued the next day? I felt the sore! I literally had a splitting migraine but after I gulped on water and paracetamol, I was still on the go and continuously took advantage of the beach.
I’m additionally – 3 lbs lighter in 2 days which makes it a grand total of 25 lbs in 5 months out beef on my hips and regaining extra endurance. Thankyouverymuch.

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