5km Training in 25 minutes?

I have to blame Marhoe and Pj for inspiring and motivating me to finish a 5 km less than 25 minutes. Sure, I really thought I’d be able to achieve it however after Lisa Loeb’s Stay started to play on tune on my ipod my focus suddenly went somewhere else.
Each time I train myself mileage come after next I always have an agenda or a thought I’d wanted to console within myself. Sometimes I offer my mileage for the safety of my friends or when I’m about to go gaga over these random moments I’ve been having which caught me ultimately confused or anxious, a good run never fail.
5 km attempt in 25 minutes? NOT!

1km straight run
1km brisk walking
2km straight jog
.5km brisk walk rest
.5 jog/sprint interval

I feel awesome because I have finished an entire KM without stopping and was able to accumulate 3 km in grand total unlike before I really struggle my breath. It was great knowing I was able to finish .5km jog and sprint interval on my way home unlike before I just stride on my sprint for a short distance to end my routine.

Bravo! There were group of street kids who joined me as well, they’re pretty annoying but Marjoe’s right about the feeling of having other people run beside together with you – it’ll forcefully make your ego stand out to just keep yourself going.

After a while soon as I saw the time I have achieved the entire 5km I caught myself laughing — Goodness, If I have joined Marjoe and Pj most likely I’d be left behind! Can we just play tag instead?

Oh, Thanks for mentioning about runners+ as well Pj! I’m in!


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