Start of the 12 Week Program

It’s somewhat synonymou to Robert Ullrey’s Coach to 5k program however what made it really different, you have the freedom to actually reset, set and aim for your own 12 week goal program. I’m really glad I was able to bring back the passion for running or rather was able to pump more passion for running unlike when I was in Grade school – High school plus I’m high on my health concern again just like before I turned eighteen (18); I remember how my parents and my brother used to tease me as a “walking calorie digest” , few friends point me as a “health/gym rat” and how I foresee myself as this girl who’s on her quest towards “the lifestyle” I have always wanted.


Aside from the Track & field varsity team, I had fun training throwing that heavy “shot put” steel balls, gone training together with the swimming team for a few months, on and off was with the the tennis club, enjoyed badminton and even spent few months for Basketball.

But I have always wanted to be part of the Soccer team and I never gained the courage nor the spunk to join in all because I didn’t want my brother to think that I was such a copy cat who can’t resist shadowing him wherever he is. Haha!

I remember how those years were when my friend, Ivan and I were always at the gym until it closes right after school (despite the fact he studies in a different high school), our weekends were spent also at the gym before we head to wherever night out destination we trip on and having Physical Therapists for our weekly stretch aside from goofing around during group classes.

Come college when I yo yo’d due to the entrance of the culinary world and having to experiment on my own Super Size me season; I was able to get back on my weight by sneaking up to the school gym for cardio during long breaks ( which I literally choose to have ) with my crazy block mate Michelin (who’s now in Australia) and Ann ( who’s now in China) , Capoeira and Bikram Yoga during the Summer together with my self-titled cousin Kat. Extra Curricular Activities such as Managing the Band were never missed every Week-end nights.

Oh, I also had months of training for Rowing together with few College Friends ( Jong, Lauren and the Gang ) as early as 5am! Good times, Good times.

I’ve always been active and I have always wanted to be somewhere else busy rather than stand idle or waste a day without having to note if I was able to accomplish anything productive. Also, Soon as I arrived Jackson Hole Wyoming for my career enhancement, although I had a hard time to squeeze in some “me” time – i still pushed myself to schedule a challenging walk and jog up in the butte from where I work at; I biked, I struggled my jog up, gone for a hike and attended Bikram Yoga, Musical Theater Dance Class with Jo, Tons of walking and rounds at Central Park, New York.

There really is nothing like having yourself taken by such scenery.

1.5 Miles StartNow that I am back on my running and continuously still overwhelmed by the fact I have gone through this far after the roller-coaster downfall depressing ride of my health.

It’s been 5 months and I’m ready to set the program to a new level. The Game Plan? I’d still walk or jog 5-6 miles max, then strength-train for 30 to 45 minutes four times a week until I get to achieve an everyday routine.

Let’s Go! Join me.



One thought on “Start of the 12 Week Program

  1. Trisha says:

    ay ako naman baliktad – when i was younger sobrang i wasn’t health conscious AT ALL. only recently (like, last year) when i took things into perspective and decided it’s time to pound the floor! 😛

    i’d love to go jogging in central park…. one day… one day…!

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