First Interval training: 5 Miles!

‘ll be on a graveyard shift for 2 days thus I didn’t let it ruin my mood. I know the thought of it is already irritating me but overthinking and cursing the thought of it will do nothing to me but just purely intense negativity, besides there’s nothing I can do but just to deal with the schedule to get it over and done with.

So, I woke up and extended a bit more sleep then went ahead to do those errands I wrote the night before. I went to one bank to another, tried to have my manicure-pedicure done but I figured, I’d just do it before the event on saturday.

It felt really awesome. Interval Walk, Jog and Sprinting.

first 5miles

WALK DONE April 27: 3.66 miles
April 29: 2.06 miles
April 30: 5.02 miles
WALK YET TO ACCOMPLISH : 3.26 for the minimum 14 miles Goal

Total Calories 1,138
Total Calories Goal 2362 (woah, that’s alot)

I feel good, tanananana! Sway sway dance dance dance

I also did 20 push ups and 100 crunches. Swear to heaven, Push ups are hard! I never ever in my life accomplished 100 push ups just like how my guy best friend does. I guess it comes in with his training back when he was still the Corp. Commander. Rawr.


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