Tune to Janet Jackson plus the good weather, What a perfect day to take a quick route before I prep up for work.


I wasn’t able to complete the 2 miles but my run was so much better than the condition I previously was last monday at the gym. There’s something really great about today, I was just on hype although It’s supposed to be my day off but I am called to report for work — bummer. I have no time to get depressed, so I just went on and poured my irritated emotions out.

Did 5 push ups in 2 sets ( boy that was hard ) , 100 crunches and 40 on top of the swiss ball. Few resistant bands work out since I don’t have dumbells within my reach. I’m currently taking a rest and then get myself ready run for work.

Just Get up and Keep on Moving! it’s all about ENDURANCE!


3 thoughts on “Runaway

  1. pat3za says:

    woohoo good on yah!!!

    how much in kms is 2 miles?

    yeah when i go to Combat class i always pretend i’m punching or kicking my boyfriend work stresses. hehe joke lang!

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