Jillian ran with me :)


I was towards the latter end of an episode, dressing up for my work-out gear after procrastinating my errands. I thought – “FINE! FINE! FINE! I will go ahead and purchase a new sensor” and though it may be not the same jillian but at least I get to have another of her but will never have the same sentiments of having to start because of her.

I thought, I’ll pull out the table, where I keep my mac, sophia. It was the only place I FAILED to look on after having to let my room vacuumed, cleaned and re-organized — kaboom! THERE WAS JILLIAN! JUST HIDING INSIDE THAT TINY HOLE where my mac is actually on!

WUhooo now I have spare dough which I saved for a new pair supposedly for  Nike Resistance Bands! c”, THANKS JILLIE!!

Damn Jillian, You scared me and did pumped me up all at the same time!! I’m off for a reunion.  Time to update my runaholic diary.



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