Jillian is missing

Jillian  Jillian, my Nike Sensor has been missing for 2 days already and I have cried buckets the morning I found out that it no longer was where I last placed it. I was sure that I had her after I synched my runs and soon as I was about to have my morning jog, she already went missing. I missed the morning routine I was supposed to run myself on with but the very next day, I still couldn’t take on not having to take a jog or brisk walk either. It surely felt odd not having her.

The white sensor which you plug in on your ipod is the one that went missing. I am dearly praying I’ll be able to find her soon. I’ve tried looking for the most number of times all over my room but she just won’t show herself up. Completely devasted and at an awe, I offered a quick walk and run during the morning and after my shift at work thus during my day off I’m feeling a bit under the weather, terrible migraine, nauseus and feel over fatigued.

I feel so bad missing her, if  I don’t get to find Jillian I’ll have to spend on another one. It’s going to be costly on my credit card but she surely did became a necessity motivating me to move my ass out and get to track my progress towards my endurance, stamina and adrenaline.
I weighed in the scale today and it says I’m up back to 135 lbs from 134 lbs. I’ll get over  this soon, I’ve got to move on.


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