Goals and Resolutions: Distance Completed #1

Look, I have finally found an alternative to my well missed Central park which is near A.I.M at Legaspi, Makati. After my 11am- 7pm shift, I took a quick jog around the cross streets and have found the runners park. Even though there wre droplets of rain, I, together with the other runners, marathoners and health concerned still paced our stride.

Congratulations on completing goal 1

During my previous post towards having to complete 12 miles in 4 weeks I proudly will announce that I have completed the my goal distance in 2 weeks instead of 4 . I was behind 3 runs from my 12 runs goal but tonight I accomplished 7 runs which made me 4 runs ahead of my target.

2269 calories7 runs ahead

Knowing tmy mini goal of burning 3500 calories, from being behind of 102 calories – I am awesomely ahead now by 152 calories! Not only that, I also have met another surprising accomplishment of having to work-out on my longest training, yet of 4.43 miles in 1:11″58, 16’14″/pace which made me burn approximately around 451 calories with the only downfall of not having to achieve 600 calories.

Although it was an interval work-out of jogging, brisk walking, steady pace and 30-90 seconds sprints and run; having to feel better with much more energy, endurance and stamina makes me a happy bunny.  God lord knows how grateful I am for Nike plus innovative collaboration together with Macintosh ipods.

Jillian has been training me well, I’m hooked!


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