Break the Fast

Jillian sure did congratulated me.
No Excuses, break the fast!
I woke up today really early although I still wanted to get back to sleep. I haven’t really been blessed with a normal working schedule and my body kept on adjusting; I figured why shouldn’t I keep something stable?
 I went to my closet wore my jogging wear, had my swimming tank top on, zipped on my army hood, requested for my workout water bottle, grabbed my sun visor and tucked my military baseball cap then soon after had Jillian ready for a good morning routine.
Research and studies show that it’s so much better to work out right after you wake up with an empty stomach. Not only was I challenge for an early morning jog, but also I snapped myself postponing my very much awaited  breakfast. I struggled through but after I strode for a jog, i had my focused on and ran my thoughts away.
I terribly am out of shape but that didn’t stop me. I knew I was such a turtle, who cares? I will be able to gain my endurance eventually. There’s no turning back nor stopping!
After a mile I decided another round. I did a 2 miles brisk walking with a little jog twist and a 30 seconds sprint on my way home.
I sure did enjoy my morning challenge but as far as I’m concerned? I really do need to do this often. I jog terribly, I’ll re focus and stick to a mile jog goal, few km walk and set mini goals although of course still dream big of having to get back to the oval, get to join a runners club and have this lifestyle kicking!
Weight loss goal? Now, if this isn’t awesome? I tell you, I burnt a lot which is the next best part. This 135 lbs should get its scale down moving! I’m done with my 15 lbs loss plateu and ready for the next 15 lbs.
Rev up metab! Ah, I can finally have my oatmeal!

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