Stay Hydrated

How Can You Avoid Becoming Dehydrated?

pocari sweat Dehydration can happen in any season, not just summer and not just on hot humid days. In the winter, heated air evaporates moisture on your skin, and although you may not feel thirsty, you need to replace fluids. Exercising in cold weather can cause you to perspire and become dehydrated as well. If you are going to be physically active, drink fluids on a schedule before, during and after the activity. Experts suggest:

* 2 cups – 2 hours before you exercise
* 1-2 cups – 15minutes before you exercise
* 1/2 to 1 cup – every 15 minutes during activity

Weigh yourself before and after a big workout. For every pound you lose after the activity, drink 2 cups of fluid.


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