Create a Plan

Successful weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and planning. People who successfully lose weight plan what they’ll eat and how they’ll be active on a regular basis. Planning is a big part of your weekly consultations. Here are some steps to help you make your weekly plans work for you!

1. Choose What Matters Most to You
There are a variety of skills, strategies and information that can help you achieve your weight goal. To get the most out of your Program share what’s important to you.
2. Focus on the Benefits
Once you choose your focus, think about the benefits of making changes in that specific area.
3. Set a Realistic Goal
Just as you didn’t gain your weight overnight, it’s not realistic to expect to lose it overnight. To ensure your success, set a goal that is specific, realistic and motivating for you.
4. Know Your Challenges
When you think about your area of focus, take a moment to honestly assess who or what could get in your way. So, make what you need a part of your plan.


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