Goals and Resolutions 1

nike plus miles
nike plus run

I actually accomplished 4 runs, jog in a week rather than my mini goal of having to get it on my route once every week which is something I really worked hard on having to know that my schedule at work has been fluctuating. The newbie has to adjust until she graduates on being the Bambi but it must not discourage me from my other personal aim. This is a Lifestyle change that I really would like to work on for my own betterment.

I’m glad having to be in this journey for the past 4 months and though it was melodramatic, I haven’t reached the intensity of my ultimate goal which is to graduate from jogging and have myself experience a relay or marathon again just like how it was back in high school.

I still have to finish my goal of burning 3,500 calories in 4 weeks leaving me 3 weeks more to make it happen until the end of January.

Thus, I had my goals adjusted.

4 weeks

Run at least 10 times
tally to 12 miles

Thank heavens for my Sunday day-off, I’m about to take myself for a good swim and a nice training after.

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