Day-off Splurge training and Motivation

If you get to see my organizer you’ll be able to notice that my day-off has the most number of things I’d want to achieve. I wanted to try out on a new way to unwind from the week long days I was trying to adjust on a fluctuating schedule at work as a Hotelier.

You’d see that I have postponed my medical appointments, had my mind set to surprise myself and get to move my day as if I was working for my own purpose and not to just have my time on hold, idle, unproductive. Once I start working, no one can make me stop from figuring out on what to do every single day.

I wanted to motivate my cousin to get into sports, i brought her with me for a good swimming spree at the club, taught her how to dive ( although we both need practice ), finished 14 laps within the 3 hour duration we were there and went off to the gym soon after for my “couch a 5k marathon” training.

nike plus run

Equipped with my favorite nike plus trainer-Jillian as well as my motivating podcast. I was dearly challenged but I continuously had my thoughts believe that I’ll be able to train myself, no cheating nor have my podcast on pause. Phew, it sure was a hell of a work-out!

I couldn’t stop on emphasizing on how proud I am for what I’m doing. I still couldn’t believe that I undyingly went through struggling picking up my life back. I am now far from that day wherein I was crying night after each night because I thought I will never be able to recover.

I still have 9 more weeks to couch on this 5k marathon training. My day off pretty much turned out the way I hoped it’ll be. I was able to swim, trained for a marathon, tried rock/wall climbing, held dumbells (on a quick boot camp), did my grocery for the week and was able to motivate my cousin.

Here’s to a brand new week! I know I’ll struggle adjusting and re-adjusting again since my boss decided to put me on a midnight shift training. Let’s see how I’d be able to incorporate a good jog around my route without feeling exhausted or dizzy at work.

God, this lifestyle change is truly amazing. I’m darn glad to be single!

Treadmill inclination: 3.5 – 4.5 %
Speed: 4.0-9.5%


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