One mile for the rain

nike plus run

Wore my running wear, had my baseball cap on and tucked the windbreaker ready for a good run. I told myself soon as I woke up that no matter what happens, there will be no excuses.

Jillian tuned me for a podcast program “couch to 5k”. I didn’t expect the rain would fall one me but I still had my running gear set for a good round on my route. Filled my water jug with cold water, popped on my multi-vitamin and supplements; had my courage take over and so I made it. I was able to jog within the entire mile without a break. I thought I was able to do a boot camp routine but due to the rain, the time took its toll for a challenge. I compromised and conversed with myself, Okay, I’ll have a mile jog non-stop and have the next mile for a fast walk then towards the latter, I’ll have my quick sprint. I may have not been able to accomplish the 4 miles that I planned to accomplish but having to run around together with the rain was already something.

NO EXCUSES, right?

Instead of having 30 minutes break before I prepare myself for work. I now have an additional 30 minutes to actually sit down and blog about how it went. I can’t barely wait until tom. I dearly need to do some weight training and supplement myself with iron. Build muscles, reduce my unhealthy fat percentage and have my stamina build up a step further. It feels great. I do feel great.

I may have not been able to get it on for a 5k route but it certainly was awesome to run while the rain was challenging me every step of my way.

Broadcasting my journey does help too. From losing breath from the moment I wake up to a recovery of having a good jog around a route, I’m very much ecstatic and proud of this journey I challenged myself in.

No pain, no gain. Vision without action is nothing but a fallacy thus here’s to my recovery.

Pace: 1.52 miles, 14’32″/mile
Time: 22’19”
Calories Burnt: 155


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