Back on my route

And I finally had a good walk, run, jog and quick sprint interval just before I prepare myself to work. As I type this I’m resting my body before I take a bath, prep up and commute going to work.I had the last .5 miles on sprint which made my entire route tally to 3 miles.

I surely do have to work back on my stamina.

nike plus run

It’s a brand new day, I’ll be at work until midnight. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up and get to fully complete a 3 mile route. My working schedule has been a delilah but I’ll keep my priorities intact, I will keep myself optimistic.

I noticed though if you didn’t have enough good sleep, your performance affects you. There’s tons of stuff that I’ve yet to learn about this training I’m undergoing. Nutrition wise and how to boost up my sprints.It’s amazing having to learn, re-learning alot of new thoughts every day.

I better have resistance and weight training this sunday. Gain muscles in order to burn more calories, distance and energy to expel. In time, I’ll be able to finish a route without losing breath, keep on going until I reach 10 km.

One goal at a time. 


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