3km First Attempt

Runaholic1I received a message from my superior and told me that I may report later today around 11am, I figured that way I’ll be able to sleep longer and get to take a good morning jog before I start my day at work. Unfortunately I slept at around 2am instead of my supposed 9pm schedule. I woke up at around 5:30am because of my phone beeped as well as its alarm started to buzz. I went back to sleep and told myself I’ll wake up and start my day right by not making any excuses.

I ate my breakfast, took a good time off at the dining table for some early morning reads then had myself prepared for a quick jog around the village. I had my nike plus set on a 3km run, wore my shoes and left with a jug of water.

Couldn’t believe that I was able to make it through! (13’07 /mile, 16 minutes) , run and just a little fast walking soon after I stretched. I’m setting myself to stick to a 3km jog as much as I can until I get to sprint the end of the street towards the next end from where I reside. Little by little, gradually, I’ll make it through.

I’m overwhelmed and really amazed. I’m gaining my adrenaline, endurance and stamina back. Hard work, determination and motivation with proper consciousness towards my lifestyle change towards food choices as well as sleeping patterns. I’ve yet to fully put everything together.

I’m very proud and Im not sorry having to blurt this out. I know most of you can make it through for a 5km, 10km or even more but with the damage I’ve gone through over the course of 4 months, youd know how much of an accomplishment this is.

Watch out, I’m a runaholic!


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