I’m on Nike+ with Jillian

I tried my Nike plus today and I’m so glad that I bought new shoes plus the censor. I was able to track down my short good run which tallied to a 1.49 mile. What really made me felt awesome was that I was able to sprint from the end of the street towards where I live!

nike plus

My Ipod nano whom I named after Jillian Michaels is now very much equipped; she has become to be more of my very best friend. I can’t live a day without her. She’s with me every step of my way, whatever and wherever I may have been doing.

I remember a couple of months back after I tapered those steroids because of the allergies I was caught back in New York, I couldn’t even make it for a good walk around the village, waking up and having a good bath was already a huge task for me, i lose out of breath. Without any caloric effort, I ballooned instantly to a 150 lbs from carrying a 105 lbs ( I even thought I was already as huge as a whale! What was I complaining about again?)

Thus, I’m never ever going to consider any form of steroid not unless my health is on for a life or death situation. Now, due to my choice of being alive with the help of Jillian and my new pair of Nike plus; training and gaining my adrenaline, stamina and endurance isn’t far from happening.

I have made the right choice, I don’t have any regrets of swiping my credit card impulsively. I have tried it on and although I have burnt only 100 calories on an average pace of 13’57” per minute – it still is awesome!! I’m darn glad my body is picking up!


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